Frontenac Engineering

Kirkwood School District

Frontenac Engineering provided civil and structural engineering as well as land surveying services for building additions and site improvements for 2 middle schools and 4 elementary schools in the Kirkwood School District.

Facilities upgrade scope for the six schools included:

  • Addition of a new loop access drive and  gate, as well as a 13-space parking lot and related sidewalks on an existing school building.
  • Modifications to the front bus drop-off area and angled parking and related sidewalks in front of the existing school building.
  • Modifications to the 2-way driveway and parent drop-off lane, addition of perpendicular parking and gate.
  • Site work, parking, sidewalks and stormwater facilities for 4 schools.
  • ADA accessible playgrounds and sidewalks for 3 schools.
  • New all-weather track and athletic field with modified soils to comply with MSD Stormwater Standard.
  • Classroom/building additions included  3 classroom additions totaling more than 1,000 sq ft of building.